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We are a small independent raw food supplier based in Harlow, Essex. We stock a varied range of raw complete meals, raw bones, natural treats and holistic/natural products. All the products we stock are carefully selected for quality to provide great nutrition and health benifits at different price points and to suit most budgets. Collection with prior arrangement is very welcome, but we also offer a personal local delivery service in Harlow and up to a 5 miles radios of Harlow free for orders over £25 or £2.95 for orders under £25. 


Why Raw?

Just some of the physical benefits of a raw dog food diet.

  • Cleaner teeth and fresh breath

  • Better weight control

  • Improved digestion

  • Shinier, healthier skin and coat

  • Reduction of allergy symptoms

  • Harder, smaller, less smelly stools

  • Increased mobility in older animals

  • More energy and stamina

  • Strengthened immune system

  • Improved liver, pancreatic and bowel health

  • Savings due to less trips to the vet

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Paleo Ridge

Animal welfare is the highest priority for us when sourcing products. Intensive factory farming goes hand in hand with poor animal welfare and unsatisfactory conditions. Animal cruelty is abhorrent to us and we will not support it under any circumstance. For the same reason, we will never source un-stunned meat, regardless of the positive conditions they may have been raised in.
We only use ingredients of the highest quality with a firm commitment to ethically sourced produce with high animal welfare standards. (organic, free range or wild where possible)


Henley Raw

We only use ingredients of the highest quality with a firm commitment to ethically sourced produce with high animal welfare standards. (organic, free range or wild where possible).

Our food is;

  • Packaged in biodegradable and recyclable packaging

  • Sold in clean and easy-to-use boxes

  • Free from vegetables (meaning you can be sure you are are getting the best value for money)

  • Free from any additives or preservatives

  • DEFRA approved


Benyfit Natural

Benyfit Natural has grown from humble beginnings.

It started as a germ of an idea to produce premium raw food for dogs using the same quality ingredients that humans eat – and all natural. The first recipes evolved around a kitchen table and the resulting food was given to friends’ and family dogs. It quickly became apparent that this idea was something special and completely different to other raw dog food available. We saw that the dogs had shinier coats, firmer stools and bundles of energy. This food made dogs even better versions of themselves. So the recipes and process was upsized, advice sought from nutritionists and vets and the best sustainable ingredients sourced. Then the packaged product was shared with the outside world and Benyfit Natural was born.

Benyfit Natural today.
The Benyfit Natural range now exceeds 20 varieties of frozen, fresh raw dog food. The same values apply today as they did at the start. 100% natural, 0% fillers, grains or additives. All meat used is human-grade and the majority of the range contains single source proteins, meaning any meat, bone or offal used comes from the same type of animal. All food is frozen at manufacture, allowing the nutrients to be locked in and giving it a longer shelf-life.


We Love Raw

Our products are made on our premises and we only use the finest ingredients, i.e. whole birds (no carcasses).  We make small batches so you are guaranteed a fresh, high-quality product every time.
We believe our food is the best on the market


Betsy's Raw

We believe raw feeding is a healthy, naturally balanced and species specific diet, encouraging a healthier and happier lifestyle for your dog.

Our fresh, UK, human grade meat is processed in our DEFRA approved kitchen and we generally follow the 80:10:10 ratio.

We use compostable tubs and packets, with eco-friendly delivery packaging, and tub sleeves that can be recycled.

All meals are taste tested by Betsy herself (a job she takes very seriously). 


Vince the Vet

Vince the Vet® was founded by Dr Vince MacNally BVSc VetMFHom MRCVS, a veterinary surgeon with more than 35 years clinical expertise, who specialises in the treatment of pets with severe and chronic diseases.
Vince the Vet® Veterinary Formula Supplements, Remedies and Raw Food, were originally developed to provide safe, natural and effective health support in veterinary practice.
They have successfully helped many thousands of pets over the last 25 years, and have been made available so that dogs and cats everywhere can now benefit from the same high standard of natural care.


Fresco Dog

At FRESCO you will only find quality dog food products made in Germany and we will NEVER use or sell any products from origins such as Asia, this is to ensure your dogs diet consists of only the best raw materials and manufactured to the highest standard. We produce our species-appropriate dog food and our natural snacks in our modern production plant in Lünen, Germany. Our team of dedicated employees monitor the whole production processes very closely to ensure a consistent supply of the highiest quality products available in Europe. Our production plant is IFS Food 6 certified - i.e. meets the standards for food factories - and is subject to regular official controls. This not only provides assurance for youself and your dog, but also gives us full control over both all raw materials used and our gentle manufacturing process. You can therefore rely on internal quality controls according to the HACCP as well as on the use of external control systems such as IFS and other quality assurance systems according to German & European standards. In addition, we are constantly developing new, innovative products that are not only healthy for your dog but also taste great!



JR Pet Products

Jonathan and Rebecca’s passion for pets, innovation, quality and nutrition led them to create their business J R Pet Products.Originally they traded soley in wild bird foods before expanding into the natural dog treat market, which is now the business’s main sector. They have a strong family feel: it’s bring your pet to work day every day at JR’s office (and children too in the holidays!), making the office a very interesting place! Bentley, the office chihuahua is convinced he has it all in hand.



Dermadog was founded by Elly Thompson through a love of dogs, a respect for the planet and the belief that you can improve the lives of your family, pets and environment by being more conscious about the types of products you use and how they are packaged.

“Using clean, natural products means you’re not harming your dog’s (or your) body – and choosing eco-friendly products and packaging means you’re not damaging the Earth, water or seas.”


Great fresh raw ingredients that have been packaged and frozen, my sharpei was on a total different brand of raw and have now changed to Paleo Ridge and Henley's so far his favourite is the lung and heart but he tells me he's eager to try the rest asap and will let you all know 💙🐶🐕 great delivery service and also loads of Great nutrition advice as always from Stephen, highly recommend 👍🏼


raw dog food supplier harlow

Fantastic service. Stephen really knows his stuff. Scruff hasn't missed a meal since switching to raw in almost 3 years. Mainly has the we love raw patties but has also had the paleo ridge range too. The pure treats are also a fantastic addition as well. Cannot recommend highly enough!


raw dog food supplier harlow

I have been using Happy Paws Nutrition for a while. My dog is now thriving on his raw food diet. He especially loves his raw bones. There is a lot of choice. I like that the brand I use is packed in cardboard and doesn’t use any plastic. My dog loves his food!


raw dog food harlow

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